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It is claimed that Jasmine has healing properties as it bring calmness and tranquility. The power of jasmine also clears electromagnet and environmental pollution. We could all benefit from carrying these precious stones to become one with the Universe.

It is known for it's harmonious energy and also heal the mind of any stress and anxiety. Why not look into one of the bracelets which I have customized with rose pink, clear and light grey beads?

This limited edition piece is suitable for special occasions such as weddings, prom, parties or any other event which you may be attending. It is delicate and can be worn with a piece that will compliment your outfit!

A rose gold plated chained bracelet fastened with a lobster claw. One-off piece which will take your breath away. If it is something you would like then visit my page by clicking on the link below which will take you directly onto my website!

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