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"I love this handbag which Lena created as I can fit my make-up into this handbag and also purple and pink is my favourite colour. I am a rock chick so I tend to wear darker colours when I go out which tend to be rock gigs. This handbag really makes a difference as it adds a splash of colour as the clothes I wear tend to be darker colours".

Thank you for this handbag!


"I bought this Garden Rose bracelet from Lena a while back for my mum as she is into floral patterns.

I love the intricate beads she has used and she often wears it with floral patterns. The first time she wore it was for my graduation. Lena is a very talented designer!"


"I recently bought this bracelet as I was attracted by the name. It is called Roll the Dice Bracelet. I bought it because that night I bumped into two strangers and they implied I had dropped something on the ground. 10 minutes later I found £10 on the ground. So I decided to use some of that and bought this bracelet as a sign. Plus I am also writing a children's book so it is a sign that good things are about to happen for me this year!"


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