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The Silver Shadow consists of a detachable long silver chain and a magnetic fastening. The handbag is solid and covered in polyester fabric.

Angel Dream Range-Silver Shadow Clutch Handbag

  • -For those who eschew "fast fashion". -Designed for those who lead and not follow. -Hand-made with exquisite attention to detail. -Totally unique and never disposable. -Attractively priced but priceless. -Purchase three and receive the fourth for free. -Brilliant colours. -Octagonal shaped clutch bag ideal for parties, formals, weddings. -Black and crystal clear gems with leaf shaped sequins and trimmings. -Magnetic Clasp. -Silver chain. This unique octagonal shaped clutch handbag has been customised with delicate silver gems that twinkle during twilight. Sophisticated with intricate pearls and gems that involved hours of dedication to making this clutch bag look the part for any special occasion such as a wedding or a formal.
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