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Unicorns are mythological creatures that consist of a horn. The story

and belief of this animal is said to be originated from China and India. It is thought that the horn protected people from stomach viruses by drinking from it. This was during the ancient period. Unicorns are known for their great power and they appeared in stories in 2700 B.C.

Ctesius was a Greek Physician that wrote about this animal.

I was inspired with the recent Unicorn Trend by using blue, pink and purple so I customized these handbags with these gems.

This unique octagonal shaped clutch bag is suitable to add to your collection of party bags if you love to attend to social gatherings. It is ideal for formals, parties and also weddings. The handbag also consists of a silver chain and closes with a magnetic fastening. The Angel Dream Clutch Bags is covered with pink, blue, purple, black and clear coloured gems that involved hours of creativity and dedication to make the handbag look pristine for a special occasion. Visit if you would to have one of those! One-off pieces only!

Beautifully handcrafted gems make the Angel Dream Clutch Bags unique which shimmers underneath the light like a cluster of midnight stars!

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