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Why not try something different and opt for a yellow themed wedding? Yellow is the colour of sunlight, sunflowers, buttercups and warm weather. It also pairs up well with dark blue and looks sensational. Yellow is a cheerful colour which can brighten up anyone's day. Not just for a wedding but other special events too.

Opting for a yellow brings positivity and also creates that confidence and well being. It makes anyone stand out from the crowd and can attract many friendships as well as love with it's bright quality. Even on a cold winter's day, yellow is the brightest colour which gives us a reminder that the sun is always shining on the other side!

Yellow also looks good with dark pink or red as it is a primary colour so it more or less matches with anything. But most of all it is a colour which has a feel good factor and can look good with any skin tone. If unsure then there is always a light yellow which looks just as wonderful as it is softer and brings out that spring/summer vibe.

The handbag on the right is a perfect example. It can be worn to a special event. It doesn't necessarily have to be a wedding. It can be a special occasion such as a prom/picnic/outdoor party. I make bespoke items which are one-off pieces. This is a customised envelope clutch bag which is ideal to wear as it has delicate features and consists of small clear gems with a floral brooch. If it is something you would like then visit my store

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