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Wild Berry Bracelet

If you are looking to be trendy this Spring then purple is the colour for this season. It is referred as the Millennial purple since it is one of the biggest trends for this year. Colours include pastel palette of purple, lavender and lilac.

Colour purple is often represented as royalty, ambitious, power and luxury. It is a mixture of red combined with blue. This is also referred as the meaning of wealth, creativity, wisdom, devotion, peace

I recommend the Wild Berry Bracelet which I handmade. These have beautiful beads attached to a toggle bracelet. This is a limited one-off piece so there is only one in the world! Crafted with pure labour of love I chose these colours as they remind me of fresh berries.

The bracelet is suitable to wear during a special occasion such as a wedding, prom, party, graduation etc as it really stands out with it's unique structure and the contents of the beads.

Not only does it have intricate beads but it can also enhance an evening gown or it can match a a dress in a complimentary colour such as white even yellow to bring out the lilac shade! I find lilac stand out when worn with yellow!

If you like the look of this bracelet then head to my website on

I also have matching handbags which will compliment the bracelet. These are the ones above.

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