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FOMO stands for fear of missing out. With this modern lifestyle and constant use of social media websites the human race has adopted this psychological mindset of missing out on certain events which their friends, family or idols maybe doing.

Especially when they are posting things on their timeline which maybe be a big change in their lives or a great achievement hence the words Fear of Missing Out. It might be a rewarding experience for others but for some they may experience the absence of the subject that they feel that they have or are missing out on.

This is a social anxiety which has increased over time. Like I mentioned before. The use of social media websites which allows users to publish their personal stories and achievements online. One must be feeling the pressure to join in with everyone else. 90% people on their friend's list maybe experiencing something which the person reading the content may not have in that moment. This could also lead to feelings of fear, anxiety, jealousy, regret and depression.

Humans are social creatures and they want to be part of the social community. A bit like a fashion trend or a new movement everyone wants to be part of that movement. 90% may have joined in and the 10% will feel rejected or left out of that movement. So they feel isolated and disconnected from their friends/community etc.

Forget what others are doing and create your own story/trend! Stand out from the crowd! Be that 10% that hasn't joined in because this way you are creating a new trend and everyone will want to follow you! Be the star that you are of your own movie!

There is no harm in being part of the 90% but what I am saying is don't be afraid to just be your authentic yourself. That way there is less pressure for you to follow what everyone else is doing. Once you start your own movement, this will eventually lead others to look up to you as inspiration. That 90% that you were not part of will want to follow your trend. Be the star of your own show. Make your own movies.

Actors/actresses will want to be in your film rather than you want to be someone else's. Do something at your own pace and time. Enjoy the moment that you are in now and focus on your own strengths and goals. This will help you to focus on your own career/hobbies, interests and attract more goodness into your life. Use that vital source of energy that you have and shine. After all you are rare just like a diamond!


I am currently reading a book which explains everything about FOMO. It is a reminder that we should be grateful to the outside world and experience what we do have. The book is called Fear of Missing Out: How to deal with FOMO in a World Ruled by Social Media by Kapilikisha Twaambo. It is a short read so you can easily read it on the train/bus etc. It is available on Amazon and it definitely helped me have a new perspective on my own decisions in life.

Thank you for reading article this week. :) Until next Tuesday....

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