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In this topic I have written about attracting a date for Valentine’s Day since the time has nearly come. It doesn’t specifically have it be on Valentine’s Day. It can be any time of the year. If you are reading this then you most likely have someone in mind that you want to ask them on a date or want them to ask you on a date. Or you probably want to meet your soul mate. The questions may be how do I do this? What if they say no? I don’t have any confidence etc. It is all about changing your mind-set and looking at a different perspective on your own belief system using the Law of Attraction technique.

What is Law of Attraction?

You probably have some clue of where you want to go with this person and need a bit of courage. And you probably know what Law of Attraction is if you are reading this. If you are new to Law Attraction then I will briefly explain what it is.

Law of Attraction is simply asking the Universe what it is you want to experience in life. You simply visualise what it is you want and also act as if you already have this experience in the present moment by placing it with your emotions. For example if you wanted a brand new car then you would visualise as if you are driving this new car and the emotions would be feeling free and independent when driving this new car.

It is also recommended that you are in a positive state of mind when visualising so any doubtful or negative thoughts do not creep in. It is recommended to do this during the early hours of the morning when you initially wake up or when you are about to go to sleep and you are in a relaxed state of mind. This is so that the brain can absorb what you have asked for and will release it out into the universe in order for your visions to become a reality.

You probably are thinking can this really work? The answer to your question is yes if you have 100% faith and trust in the universe what it is you have asked for and truly believe that this will be given to you. After all the Universe in itself is magic and we don’t question it. If you believe that this will not work then you are right this will not work because that is a visualisation/manifestation in itself which is evidence that it is working because you have already visualised for your request ‘not to work’ so the Universe reflects back the thoughts you have released. So if you believe that it is not working then this article may not be for you.

Meditation before Manifestation

However if you do believe in Law of Attraction and need a bit guidance then this is article may be a tool for you to use during your manifestation process. First of all relax your body and inner thoughts by listening to mindful music such as classical music or maybe sounds of nature. Do breathing exercises. Lay down or sit comfortably in a nice share or if you can sit in a yoga position with legs crossed, hands placed on knees. Inhale the air in slowly (oxygen). And then exhale (breath out). This releases Carbon Dioxide which causes acid in the body. When you feel relaxed you will know as the brain will feel lighter and you will feel a lot calmer. Another suggestion maybe to take a nice warm bath with some essential oils.

The Fun Part!

Now that you are fully relaxed this is where the creative process begins! As the topic is based on Valentine’s Day then we will use this. First of all think about your specific person and list the good things about them. Also list reasons why you want them in your life and the feeling of having them in your life. At the same time list the good things you have also achieved in your life and what makes you feel good about yourself! Make a list of things that make you feel amazing and really admire yourself in the mirror. Look at how amazing you look in your favourite hairstyle or favourite clothes. Why does this specific person want to hang out with you? List all the excellent attributes you carry! Set the intention of allowing this person into your life. If you haven’t met anyone you desire then think of qualities you are looking for in your soul mate. You can be as detailed as possible. For example, what they look like to what their hobbies are etc. Where they like to hang out etc.

If there is a specific person you want to attract then imagine this person asking you out on a date (make sure they are single). Or maybe you are the one asking them out on a date. So in that instance imagine them saying yes. What would you like to do on this date? Maybe it is something classical such as a meal in one of your favourite restaurants with rose petals on the table or a picnic on the beach. Or maybe something a bit more adventurous such as a ride in a hot air balloon!

Whatever it is it is your dream! Claim it by visualising it already happening in the present moment. Just like when children have imaginary friends and they also picture what they want to become in the future by acting as if it is already happening in the present moment. They don’t ever let the doubts in as they just have fun with their imagination. This is the same principle. Have fun with your thoughts and believe in them! Then let them go by keeping busy throughout your day, Go to work, go to the gym, go to College/University, hang out with friends etc. Whatever it is you do keep busy and allow the manifestation process to happen naturally. Let go of the outcome by not questioning it too much when it will happen, how it will happen etc.

Be OK with it not happening as well which will allow your energies to flow easily and effortlessly. What will help with the manifestation process is if you plan with what you are going to wear on your date. Practice each day as if you already have been asked out already. Also don’t be to attached with the outcome by detaching from it which will allow your magnetic energies to attract your soul mate/specific person easily into your life.

Also avoid going onto your specific person’s social networking page as this will make the manifestation longer because you will end up focusing on not having them in your life. This will just create ‘the lack of not having them in your life’ in abundance. You want to make them crave for energy by not making yourself available for them to see. You want to be the star of your own movie so let them enter your own film. On that note this is your movie be as creative as you want and let the universe show you signs. Enjoy the process as manifestation is a fun process and lots of positive experiences can be created through this process!

I would like to thank you for reading my article! The Most Important Part Thank the universe in advance and be grateful for the people in your life. Show heaps of gratitude and also be kind to yourself by saying nice things to yourself and being nice to others!


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