Aquamarine Drop Earrings

Aquamarine Drop Earrings in sterling silver. Customised with refreshing aquamarine and hot fusion pink beads!

Blue Lagoon Beach Clutch Bag

Blue Lagoon Beach Clutch Bag Customised with aquamarine, pink and clear gems!

Roses and Crystals Earrings

Gold plated drop earrings with several types of beads such as light pink roses and clear beads which reflect light like crystals!

Peachy Crystal Bracelet

Gold plated bracelet with peach, pearl white and pink beaded crystals!

Glitter Rose Necklace

Glitter Rose Necklace with pink glitter and dark petals which enhances light gold glitter! Statement piece!

Pink Rose Glitter Collection

Pink Rose Glitter Collection comes as a set. Pink rose with dark petals which consist of gold glitter! Dark petals added to the roses to enhance the pink tones and gold glitter.

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